Hanako and the PretzelKarma system (fuctrack) wrote in xjapan,
Hanako and the PretzelKarma system

Junk Story: Stuff For Sale

I don't have photos right now, but i do have banpresto hide cards for sale, a couple of posters (they're laminated) and some fan art i'd be happy to print off to sell to people (good quality not just random paper.) 

Cards because they're MOSTLY in near mint condition and i'm not selling the whole lot, just a few will be about 5 USD each; but upwards of 5 or more i'll do them for 3.50 each.  they're all in sleeves, and if they're not they've been in a carefully constructed card holder since about 2006. 

Two posters, they're both A2 in size almost (A3/A2 ish) and they're both laminated - i love them but my walls hate them, and my wall scroll keeps me happy xD. 

Fan art; go troll my deviant art http://fuctrack.deviantart.com and pick something out; i'll even do random commissions for about 5 USD for generic black and white digital or traditional for A4/Letter 10USD.

I'll get the photos up of the trading cards i AM selling, these are the hide ones not the X JAPAN film gig ones. 
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