Becki (beckielric) wrote in xjapan,

Quote from Tetsuya Komuro's latest MySpace blog:

"Lastly, it's either a 0% or 100% possibility but I talked with YOSHIKI on the phone the other day
& we are pumped up about the prospect of working on our V2 project.
Given that X-JAPAN's work has been completed.
No more vocals so no need to worry about that."

I wonder what he means by X Japan's work being "completed"? o.o My guess is that their new songs are all written and recorded now, and hopefully they'll release a single or an album or something soon. XD

Edit: I didn't think to include the Japanese portion of what he wrote (since it's basically a translation of the English XD) but since someone on another forum said that the wording was slightly different here, I thought I'd post it in case it helps to clear things up:
最後にpossibilityとしては0%か100%だけど YOSHIKIと先日TELでV2を必 ずやろうと盛り上がりました。
もちろん X-JAPANが無事終わったらだけどね。
そして歌は NO MOREだから安心を!!

Edit 2- According to Google Translator, he's basically saying that if there's a V2 reunion it will be after X Japan 'finishes safely'. So assuming Google Translator was accurate this time, X Japan's not done yet. XD
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