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Searching for: hide skull earring

I apologize for the cross-posting but I'm kinda desperate and looking every where I can think of... And I know most of the communities are pretty non-active but I don't know where else to look...

For 9 years straight I've been wearing that infamous skull earring. The same kind hide wore. I got it for a hide cosplay and then started wearing it around and it kinda just stuck as part of my identity. I never really wore any other earrings except that one and a lot of people came to recognize it with me even if they had no idea who hide was. I got it from the Necromance site, from the same store in LA where hide bought his.

To my utter horror, I lost the earring about a week ago when attending a con. Whenever I take the earring off, I always make sure to put it in a jewelry bag but when I reached in to put it back on after I got home, it wasn't there. I've searched everywhere and I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that it was lost at the con. So I immediately went to Necromance's site to buy a new one. But the one I thought was the correct one and I ordered, I got and it wasn't right. It was too large and bulky and the shape not quite right. I tried it on and the weight didn't even feel right. So I ordered the other similar ones, thinking I got them mixed up. But these are also not right.

So I'm desperate. Does anyone still own this earring and would you be willing to sell it to me? I've been insanely depressed ever since I lost it and the idea that I won't be able to find a replacement is really upsetting me. I'm willing to pay whatever price you ask. Granted it won't be the same as my beloved earring I wore for 9 years but at least it'll be the right style and size.

If you have one or know any way to get one of the old ones, leave a message, PM me, or e-mail me at megami_no_anime at hotmail dot com
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